Lettres From Japan
by Christodoulos Panayiotou

Peep-Hole Sheet is a project by Peep-Hole
Published and distributed by Mousse Publishing

ISBN 978-8867-4907-9-0



Prologue: Quoting Absence
a four-channel sound installation
by Christodoulos Panayiotou, 2006

With Pedro Ferreira, Caroline Humfress, Jem Finer,
Dorothea Debus

Commisioned and produced by the
Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

ISBN 978-1-901352-30-6



Love Is Overrated,
a conversation between Christodoulos Panayiotou and Shiri Reznik on the performance Slow Dance Marathon, 2006

Commisioned and produced for the Exhibition “Crossing:
a contemporary view” in the framework of the program”
Crossings: Movement of People and Movement of Cultures”

ISBN 978-9963-9071-3-7